Anonymous asked: Hello! I just wanted to say that I love your blog! It gives us all such an insight to hosting and its helping teach us about the culture and such, however I have two questions. 1. What age do you have to be to enter a host club 2. Would they let in tourists if they could speak japanese? As my friend and I are currently sudying the language and would like to go to a host club for the experiance!

hello and thank you very much ^^ the age when you can enter and drink is 20 but some clubs let 18 year olds in too. They are not allowed to drink tho. but i think some clubs dont actually even care about your age that much. I was allowed to drink even tho i entered my first club at 18 yo.
And yes you can go in if you can speak japanese or if you have a friend with you who can speak japanese… or maybe if you are lucky enough to find a host who can speak english!!

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Anonymous asked: Hello~ I really love this blog and I'm really glad I found it! I don't think anyone has asked this, but can you take selfies with hosts? Like would they take a selfie with you if you asked? Thank you, keep up the good work! (^v^)

They are usually willing to take pictures together with you or go to purikura!

Anonymous asked: Do you have Isaki blog?

Isaki who? which club is he from?

a little message

i’m currently in Japan and I only have my shitty tablet with me which is very difficult to use for blogging (haven’t mastered this shit yet). I probably won’t be able to upload many pictures for a while but will do so when I have time to seriously fight with this machine. I’m sorry about this!!

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spadealice asked: Good afternoon, I may be going to Japan next year and I am planning on documenting the Japanese culture, traditions, and its nightlife for my future-college course. As a film student, do you think taking pictures, interviewing a host or making an experimental film are strictly prohibited? Or would I simply have to ask permission and pay extra for conducting an interview/"social experiment" per se? Plus, do you think they'd be willing to do it? Thank you for your response!

Hello there! I cant give any good advice regarding this as i have no experience in filming or interviewing hosts. I think you just need to ask a few of them directly and youll get a proper answer!

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fatsnuffy asked: Hey, adore the blog! Where can I buy the Y+ magazine? I want to keep up as much as I can on Host Clubs! Thanks cutie!

Thank you very much !!
I don’t know where exactly ワイプラス is sold but you can buy it online!
for example here :

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