Anonymous asked: Hello! Have you ever seen hosts making fun of their clients or badmouthing them openly because of their look or their attitude? I know behind their back they do it, but have you ever heard about hosts who are popular and so picky (or just jerks) toward costumers?? P.s. I recently have been to guys really are different than other europeans (in a good way :)

Hey there!
I have witnessed many hosts badmouthing their clients and their coworkers. its actually very common. They will just make sure the person is not around who they are talking bad about.
Ive seen some high rank hosts acting all high and not making any effort trying to entertain newer customers because they think they are in such a good position they dont have to work hard anymore.

It all depends. Some guys dont talk shit about their customers but some do. Some guys become jerks and some stay humble.

Oh where in Finland did you go ?

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Anonymous asked: Hi there! ^_^ my friends and I are gonna be in Tokyo in 2 weeks' time and we're interested in checking out the nightlife when we're there. Which night clubs would you recommend? And I've read some stuff on blogs regarding the no-dancing law in Japan and am just curious to know if we really can't dance in clubs at all? Thank you~ :>

I cant really recommend you any good clubs since i havent been to many. just atom in Shibuya , some weird club in Shinjuku (forgot the name) and some gay clubs. Everybody danced like crazy in those places so i have never really seen how that no-dancing law affects anything..

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Anonymous asked: You're in kirari huh lol

hohohoo ya know it Meri!

Anonymous asked: Hello! I just wanted to say that I love your blog! It gives us all such an insight to hosting and its helping teach us about the culture and such, however I have two questions. 1. What age do you have to be to enter a host club 2. Would they let in tourists if they could speak japanese? As my friend and I are currently sudying the language and would like to go to a host club for the experiance!

hello and thank you very much ^^ the age when you can enter and drink is 20 but some clubs let 18 year olds in too. They are not allowed to drink tho. but i think some clubs dont actually even care about your age that much. I was allowed to drink even tho i entered my first club at 18 yo.
And yes you can go in if you can speak japanese or if you have a friend with you who can speak japanese… or maybe if you are lucky enough to find a host who can speak english!!

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Anonymous asked: Hello~ I really love this blog and I'm really glad I found it! I don't think anyone has asked this, but can you take selfies with hosts? Like would they take a selfie with you if you asked? Thank you, keep up the good work! (^v^)

They are usually willing to take pictures together with you or go to purikura!

Anonymous asked: Do you have Isaki blog?

Isaki who? which club is he from?

a little message

i’m currently in Japan and I only have my shitty tablet with me which is very difficult to use for blogging (haven’t mastered this shit yet). I probably won’t be able to upload many pictures for a while but will do so when I have time to seriously fight with this machine. I’m sorry about this!!

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spadealice asked: Good afternoon, I may be going to Japan next year and I am planning on documenting the Japanese culture, traditions, and its nightlife for my future-college course. As a film student, do you think taking pictures, interviewing a host or making an experimental film are strictly prohibited? Or would I simply have to ask permission and pay extra for conducting an interview/"social experiment" per se? Plus, do you think they'd be willing to do it? Thank you for your response!

Hello there! I cant give any good advice regarding this as i have no experience in filming or interviewing hosts. I think you just need to ask a few of them directly and youll get a proper answer!